About Us

Our Mission

To transform the African community’s built environment: with the most emphasis on transforming the lives of the African youth and improving the livelihood of the most unfortunate with sustainable and affordable housing and other infrastructure.

To create a landmark project in every major city on the African continent, with services that cut across the construction fields.


Our values

For us design is the means. The starting points are the goals, strategies and expectations, but it transcends then to a new and better reality.

Client Focused

We arrive at inspired and lasting solutions by translating needs into action


We deliver each project not to reproduce the good work we did yesterday, but to create a better product. Each project is an opportunity to push the boundaries.


We are focused on creating and improving systems of work to best suit work delivery and improve the cost of work.

Our people

We commit to hiring, nurturing and working with the best and treating everyone with respect.


We bring the best ideas and solutions to the table, crafted by different people from different places with different perspectives


Our ethical business practices guide all our interactions. We stake our reputation on doing the right thing


We love what we do and we come to work every day with unparalleled vigor, drive and dedication.


We are confident, level-headed and humble enough to know that our clients as partners are the stars. As such we take work seriously, not ourselves. We want what’s best for the client.

We are here for all you needs

We’re organized around each client relationship. Whatever their size, wherever our clients need us, we’re set up to deliver.